HOME789 is committed to WORLD CLASS project marketing.

Our residential Project Marketing and Sales service provides an effective and invaluable connection between property developers and consumers. We provide a strategic and proactive agency approach for your residential property assets. With our years of experience in ‘off-the-plan' residential project marketing and property development in Sydney, we are uniquely placed to provide an innovative project marketing and property development service.

Our sales and marketing strategies are developed from 3 core drivers that aim to maximise the saleability, revenue and liquidity of your project:

  1.      ADVISORY: Understanding Market Needs

An understanding of the needs of both the market and individuals helps us to create designs that deliver successful development projects. The use of demand-side modelling as part of this process ensures that your project will ‘flick all the right switches’ in the marketplace.

  1.      MARKETING: Reach, Exposure and Cut-through

We have a deep understanding of how to deal with a range of markets – and we use this experience to develop tailored marketing strategies. In conjunction with our extensive network of experts, these strategies achieve cut-through to our (and your) target audiences - in a very crowded market.

  1.      SALES: Professional Selling

Our highly experienced executives personally manage all sales, handling all prospects and closing all the sales. Furthermore, we have the ability to use multiple high-performing sales channels to sell stock.


HOME789’s project marketing and sales services include:

  •          Project positioning/branding and strategic direction
  •          Development of marketing and sales strategies
  •          Sales plans and information memoranda
  •          Development of marketing budgets and implementation plans
  •          Delivery of ‘minimum off-the-plan sales’ to meet bank requirement
  •          Strategic project launch
  •          Coordination with local/overseas referral channels
  •          Liaison with finance institutions & legal representative
  •          Implementation of marketing plans and tracking of sales to meet objectives
  •          Managing the legal process from the initial exchange of contracts through to settlement
  •          Ongoing sales management  
  •          Construction Update
  •          Settlement Coordination