At HOME789 we are building (if you’ll forgive the pun) on a very strong foundation – combined with a proud history of success within the Sydney market and overseas.

We are growing our network, our people and our capability, and we are doing it as a team. We’re passionate about this industry and our brand, and we want to take it to even greater heights. We are taking that passion and running with it. We want to be exceptional; to push our limits.

And we will achieve this by connecting, sharing, learning, educating - and by doing whatever it takes to be the best in this industry. These are very exciting times for HOME789.


"Why HOME789 is different from the other companies? HOME789 is a multi-cultural team. Our staff is from different background, full of passion and persistence.We work together as a big family."



                                                                                   From Walton CHU

                                                                                    Founder of HOME789



Walton Chu - Founder


Walton Chu, now Founder of HOME789, took the initial 2008 start-upcompany from being a small business in Chippendale, then known as “Great Fortune Investment”, to become one of Sydney's most successful project marketing and property management companies.


Walton brings a wealth of financial knowledge, property expertise and experience to his client relationships. His specialist areas include project marketing, property development, business strategy, sales strategy and asset management. 


Under Walton's expertise and leadership, HOME789 and himself have received recognition from numerous professional bodies in the past two years, including Australian Business Awards (ABA), the Real Estate Business Awards (REB), New South Wales Business Chamber (NSWBC) and Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW).


HOME789 is 2017 winner of Australian Business Awards (ABA) 100 for Marketing Excellence and 2016 winner of Australian Business Awards (ABA) 100 for Brand Excellence. We are a proud finalist in 2017 REB Awards for Innovator of the Year and also a finalist for both the REINSW Awards of Excellence in the category of Residential Sales Team and the City of Sydney Business Awards for Excellence in Business for 2015 and 2016. Walton is the finalist for Business Leader in 2016 City of Sydney Business Awards.


Besides, Walton strongly believes that behaving responsibly is critical to the sustainability of the company. HOME789 proudly supports various organisations and charity groups, raising much needed money and volunteering for such important causes with worthy contributions. With the utmost professionalism in the Real Estate industry, Walton facilitates major acquisitions for our VIP corporate clients, which are worth more than $110 million so far.


Walton in fact began his career as a medical doctor, but discovered his talent for Real Estate not so much by choice but in the process of making ends meet. “I came to work in this industry through life experiences and understanding the importance of owning a property. The business of real estate is not about selling a property. It’s about taking responsibility, building trust and representing our clients' greatest asset - and helping them to maximise their benefit and achieve their needs."



- Managing Director, Great Fortune Investment Pty Ltd

- Orthopaedist, Nanjing First Hospital



- University of Sydney - Master of Medicine (International Public Health)

- Nanjing Medical University - Bachelor of Medicine (with Honours)