HOME789 is a Licensed Real Estate Agency with its head office in Sydney Australia

We offer a comprehensive range of property services to our clients, both locally and overseas, mainly across the Pacific region.

We specialise in:

  •          Residential property sales & management

  •          Commercial property sales & management

  •          Project marketing

Our core business focus is the key metro areas of Sydney, where we are well known for our expertise in off-the-plan investment property sales and management. Consequently, we offer a large number of premium quality projects across these areas.

However, it is our innovative, future-focused, and multi-cultural approach that really sets us apart in the local property marketplace.


A unique approach to off-the-plan property development, sales and management

Our aim is to help provide you with a platform to build your future financial security and freedom, through leveraging the property market.

But we aren’t just about property sales – we also offer a professional property marketing and management service. That’s because we value and believe in long-term relationships; relationships that are based on trust and fulfilment.

Equally, the multi-cultural make-up of our staff makes us both easier to communicate with and empathetic to all types of enquiries and customer needs, however individual or eccentric.

To that end, we have developed a large team of 80 dedicated staff in our Sales and Property Management divisions, who are renowned for their insightful local knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Also, to better serve our customers and to maintain and enhance this hard-earned reputation, we are committed to:

  •          The ongoing education of our highly skilled teams

  •          The ongoing development of a modern training network

  •          The continuous improvement of our services

  •          Embracing new technologies to help achieve and support these efforts


International real estate credentials

In addition to the growth in our local property sales over the past 7 years, our Sales and Property Management divisions have expanded into overseas markets. We now have designated teams and long-term business partners in major cities in China, created to meet the needs of our extensive international client base. 

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